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BABA Organic Feed & Weed (1 Kg/Bag)

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Product Description

BABA Organic Feed & Weed (1 Kg/Bag)

BABA Organic Feed & Weed contains different types of herbicidal dipeptides which can inhibit weed development without affecting the growth of mature plants. Regular usage will reduce weed density. It also encourages leafy growth in plants.

Safe for use around children and pets.

Directions for Use:
Remove weeds prior to first time use, apply 1 kg per 100 sq feet of garden bed when rain is not expected within 24 hours. Water the applied area lightly after application and leave to dry for 2 days for better efficacy. For best control, reapply according to instructions.

Specialized Herbicidal Dipeptides – 81.8%
Inert Ingredients – 18.2%

Nitrogen (N) – 7.36%

Establishing a Non-toxic and Harmless Environment

According to research, more than 50%-70% of chemical fertilizers being used worldwide still remain within the soil and are sipping into groundwater sources. As a result, they pollute the rivers and oceans, which indirectly harm the health of humans through the fish or shellfish that are consumed.

In order to protect the environment and health of the public, Baba’s “Tenen” (organic) fertilizer series have proven to meet strict environmental standards and approved by international laboratories, including:

  1. Meeting TLCP (Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure)
  2. Meeting Chemical Pesticide Residue Report and Pathogenic Bacteria Test (EPA Regulation 503)
  3. Meeting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  4. Meeting Biuret Content and Formamide

As such, organic fertilizers not only protect the vegetables, but also safeguard consumers’ health as well as the Earth.

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