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Monstera Plant + Planter Box

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Product Description

Spruce up your patio with this Monstera Plant + Planter Box, the perfect addition to any front entrance. Monstera deliciosa is the perfect plant for indoor decoration and famous for it’s big, waxy, hole-riddled leaves. This planter box features a durable Aluminium frame wrapped with handwoven resin wicker, suitable for outdoors. With a tall, tapered rectangular shape, these planters complement the iconic, split leaves of the Monstera Plant changing your living space into a lush green healing sanctuary.

Planter Box Dimensions: W40cm x L40cm x H70cm

Monsteras are sensitive to overwatering. You do not have to water your monstera more than once a week. If the top 2 inches of the soil is dry, your plant could use a drink.

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