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4 Tips to Entertain In Small Outdoor Spaces

The best time to enjoy entertainment in the outdoors is when the weather is warmer. No matter the size of your patio space, knowing how to entertain your friends and family in the outdoors is important. We give you tips that will make you look like an expert entertainer. To have a successful air party, you need to consider things such as the weather, lighting, and food. Read on for more.

  1. Lighting for the Night

Your party doesn’t have to end with the dimming of the sun. Your preferred style will have a huge bearing on the kind of lighting you end up with. To enhance the glow and ambiance of your outdoor party, you may want to use overhead chandeliers, twinkling string lights or candles. Instead of lighting candles or installing a fixture, you may want to use battery-operated candles inside festive holders. You may want to use Citronella candles to keep away the bugs and add up to the ambiance of the setting.

  1. Outdoor Furniture

There are a number of outdoor furniture Singapore options you can use when setting up an outdoor party. As such, you may want to use conversation or bistro furniture. Apart from being long lasting, these furniture options are durable and sturdy. You will find them in different sizes and varied numbers of seats.

The number of seats you use will depend on the size of the deck or patio. But you cannot just pick furniture and set them up in your space. There must be a march between the size of the patio and the furniture dimensions. To allow for easy movement around the table, leave an allowance of 18 inches.

Don’t be rigid. Use garden stools to optimize usage of the space. This simple strategy could easily double the number of guests you can accommodate in a small space. For greater comfort, add pillows and cushions.

  1. Stock a Bar Cart

If you have a console table or bar cart, fill it up with essential foods and drinks to minimize the number of times you will go inside for more supplies. The table will also look less cluttered before the start of the main party. Park enough beverages, condiments, ice, cutlery, plates, glasses, and napkins.

Items that are served together should be gathered on trays. Think in the lines of garnishes and beverages or burger buns and condiments. Put on hold bringing out hot foods until the time to serve them comes. Foods that should remain cold ought to be kept in a dish inside another ice-filled dish.

  1. Ward off The Elements

If you are hosting a party on a sunny day, use an umbrella to cut direct heat and light. In case it is windy, you may forfeit tall centrepieces and tablecloths. Only use heavier outdoor dinnerware, for example, melamine in the place of paper plates. Wait until the guests have arrived before setting the table. As for the items to be used during the party, stack them near the house. Use napkin rings to hold napkins, lest they are blown away. After sunset, your guests will need blankets to keep warm. Provide a few pieces.

Follow these outdoor furniture Singapore tips and you will never go wrong.


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