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Few holidays are as important to the Chinese as their New Year Celebrations. Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar which means it appears on different dates every year. But that doesn’t stop the people from starting preparations some weeks before the big day.

Here is how to prepare for the Chinese New Year:

1.Thoroughly clean your house

In the true Chinese spirit, make sure you give your house a thorough scrub. Who wants to go into the New Year with the bad lack of the lapsing period? In fact, during the first days of the Chinese New Year, you will not be able to sweep or clean the house just in case you remove the newly acquired good luck. That means improving your home’s interior décor, resolving all the quarrels with friends, paying all debts, and updating your homework. In other words, you have to show your willingness to completely make over your life.

2.Interior and exterior home furnishing

You have thoroughly cleaned your home. Now it is time to furnish inside and outside your home with the best furniture you can get. Since the first thing you will notice when you arrive at home is the exterior, you have to start by installing the best outdoor furniture. Since you are starting anew, ensure you acquire Ponceau Sofa Set. This outdoor furniture includes a three-seater sofa, a rectangular coffee table, a chair, and ottoman. With these, you have a classy look, given the fact that it consists of hand-woven resin cane. If you have been dreaming of an outdoor chill-out zone, this is all you need.

3.Getting a haircut

Don’t expect to cut your hair during the Chinese New Year as that is considered a sign of bad luck. That’s why you must do it before the New Year sets in. who wants to go out looking sloppy in the midst of the long holiday?

4.Preparing food in advance

New Year’s Day is the time when families gather to celebrate. The preparation of the food must start early. It cannot be in the Chinese New Year itself. If anything, there is a superstition that requires all knives to be kept away. Want to dare to use a knife in the first few days of the New Year? You will end up cutting off any good luck for the incoming period.

It is not just a handful of food that’s prepared. The feast is expected to last for a couple of weeks and all the food to serve friends and relatives must be availed. The more the food, the prosperous the year is expected to be.

5.Visiting the plant nursery

Chinese New Year preparations are not complete before you get to visit the plant nursery. After all, part of your home’s décor should consist of fresh plants and flowers. You need lucky plants such as mandarin, bamboo, orange trees, cherry blossoms, and pussy willows. Get to enjoy the shopping and, by extension, the spirit of the festivities.

Expect a number of additional tradition to observe during this joyful time. Good luck!


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