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With the growing number of cafés, people are no longer satisfied with taking their coffee in a restaurant. They want to have the same café atmosphere right at home. It isn’t just a concept that is being picked up by interior designers, homeowners are into it too. Who doesn’t like the homey, cosy, and hip atmosphere of the café? Here’s how to create a café-like atmosphere at home.

  1. Start With the Walls


Cafés have some of the most exciting walls you will find anywhere. You may want to adorn your kitchen walls with a chalkboard. Every part of the walls and the corners should be used to express an idea. It is on the chalkboard that café owners write what’s on offer for the day. Do the same in your home kitchen.

  1. Coffee Cabinet

Giving your home the café look may involve a complete remodelling of the kitchen. One of the things you may want to add is a cabinet designed for storing the espresso machine, coffee maker, mugs, and other utensils. Once you close the cabinet, you will be back to your normal kitchen. The coffees cabinet doesn’t have to occupy the whole wall. Even a smaller version will suffice when it comes to creating a café atmosphere in your home.

  1. Freesia Stool Bar Sets

The idea is to bring the café look at home. Why don’t you do it by making your kitchen look more like a bar? You may want to start by installing some Freesia Stool Bar Sets. When you want a cup of coffee, simply jump on the stools and drink it away. Your visitors will love being part of the whole café setting. Other outdoor furniture Singapore types you can use in your home include dining sets with an umbrella, dining bench sets, dining sets, laurel sofa sets, and so on.

  1. Themed Art

If installing new furniture and cabinets is way too costly, you may want to change the way your kitchen looks using artwork. You could use a drawing or some form of electric décor. If you have fans on the ceiling, you could paint them with different colours to get some other-worldly look that isn’t common at home. When visitors get into your kitchen, the painting will be the first thing they will start talking about, just as it happens when you go to a café.

  1. Add Some Commercial Shelving

Some cafés are made to adorn a more industrial look. It may look rough and rusty, but this is what attracts patrons to the shop every day. Bring it to your home by installing some industrial shelves. This wouldn’t cost you as much as installing a full-fledged wall cabinet. Simply take a steel shelf and install it on the walls. Put the coffee pots, mugs, and other utensils on the shelf to give your kitchen the café look.

  1. Flower Pots and Vases

To give your home a lasting café look, you may want to add some flower pots and vases. Plant creepers in the pots and vases and hand them on the shelves. Put some flower pots on the tables to make your guests feel like they are in an actual restaurant. You can get all the flower vases and pots you need as part of outdoor furniture in Singapore. These are mostly in the form of planter boxes of all sizes. You may also want to install a flowery wallpaper to provide the perfect background.

  1. Mix up the Styles

In most cafés, you are likely to be met by a collection of styles mashed up into one. It makes economic sense when it comes to furnishing the coffee shop and ensures the customers feel at home. The best place to start is to mix and match the furniture pieces made using different styles. You may also want to accessorize your kitchen with different styles. You will find great outdoor furniture in a Singapore store. For the accessories, buy the pieces one at a time.

  1. Use Pendants to Great Effect

If you want to give your home a visual boost, you can start by changing the way you have installed the lights. You can play around with the lights to create the café mood. One of the best lights to use in your home consists of bistros arranged in the form of a row. You may also want to give your kitchen a classic look or a more modern one. Whatever you do, the lights should be installed such that they make a loud statement about your kitchen. They should always steal the show.

  1. The Outdoor Look

You don’t have to drink your coffee indoors. By taking the kitchen away from the house, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air while at it. All you need is a basic bistro table, a set of chairs or benches, and a coffee maker. That simple and easy, you will be able to bring home the Parisian street café you once encountered while on holiday in France. Find out some of the outdoor furniture Singapore you can use to help you meet your objectives.

  1. Have It in the Bedroom

It is not easy to get up in the morning and head straight to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. You can simplify the process by installing a coffee bar right there in the bedroom. If you have an automatic coffee maker, you can program it to get into action as soon as the alarm starts ringing. That way, you will wake up to a warm cup of coffee, literally. You only need to ensure that you have room for it.


Using any or all of these ideas, you can easily give your home that café look. Instead of taking your friends and family to a café in the evening, you can invite them to the house for a cup of coffee. It wouldn’t be as expensive as the one at the café. If you haven’t made your home café-like, start now with what you can afford.

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