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Organizing and de-cluttering your home is only possible if you can implement the best storage solutions. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy anyway. Look at it as adding some hooks, shelves, sliding panels, and secret drawers.

A lot of creativity is needed to pull off some of these ideas, especially if you are short on time and money. Even where you are working with an independent contractor, you will have to sell them some of your ideas.

The following are some of the best home storage solutions:

Storage Bed

Compared to the other rooms in your house, the bedroom is where you need the most amount of storage space. The irony is that you hardly have space to store staff in the bedroom. Why don’t you try the storage bed which can provide you with over 23 cubic feet of space?  Nothing can be as practical as creating storage space right into your bed.

Rattan Storage Box

This box can be used in almost any room in your home. In the bedroom, you can use it to store clothes and such staff. It can also be a good addition to your garage for storing all types of garden tools and accessories. If you use it in the sitting room, it can as well serve as a coffee table or footrest. Made of woven polyethylene rattan on top of solid aluminum, it is both sturdy and strong.

Countertop Wine Rack

Why should you buy the cheap-looking wire models of the wine rack? The better idea is to convert a wood planter with a little help of plywood to make a simple wine rack. Since it occupies only a little space, you don’t have to worry about creating extra room in your home.

Mudroom Bench

You don’t need to enter your house with raincoats and umbrellas when you can leave them near the door on a mudroom bench? This storage solution basically features layered moldings, shelf panels, coat hooks, and a flip-flop bench. You don’t have to harm your wooden floor with water from outside.

Garden Bench with Hidden Storage

Built from weather-resistant pine or cedar, the bench can be used to store some of your garden tools. When coming from outside with muddy boots, this should essentially be your first stop. While the top is wooden, the bottom can be in the form of a metal screen to drain away the water from a wet hose. When tired and needing a rest, simply sit on the bench and relax on the angled backrest.

Kid’s Toy Chest

Have you been having problems with kid’s toys strewn all over the house? Teach the young ones to get organized by providing them with a kid’s storage chest. A barn-shaped chest should have enough space in which the kids can stowaway all their playthings. Tell them to get organized without providing them with a working storage solution and the kids can only remain confused.

With a little bit of creativity, you can create storage solutions from just about anything in your home. You can do that without adding an inch of space in the house.

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