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Find Out What Your Coffee Order Reveals About Your Personality

Did you know that your coffee choice also give a glimpse of your decorating style?

Find out which is your style by selecting the coffee type which suits you best below!


Instant Coffee

Instant coffee drinkers were found to be the most laid back people. You are all for comfort. You are cheerful and optimistic.

Your furniture style:

Stay Calm Lean Back Set $199.00
Classic Swing Chair – Fuschia $279.00
Sunny Deck $299.00

Black Coffee

Black Coffee drinkers were found to be “purist” and prefer to keep things simple. You can take your pick from our range of basics. 

Your furniture style:

Bali Lounge $399.00
Ponceau 6 Piece Set $999.00
Gala Patio Set $199.00

Iced Frappe

You’re a trend setter! You enjoy trying lots of new things and considered to be socially bold.

Your furniture style:

LED Outdoor Chair $169.00
Bali Cooler – Mustard Cushions $399.00
Nautical Set $1399.00


You are a very sophisticated individual. Your sense of style is very polished and out together. You enjoy being in control and are often perfectionists.

Your furniture style:

Klassno Oceanic Sofa Set $699.00
Morocco Stackable – Fuschia $399.00
Flamingo Bar Set $999.00

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