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Gardening can be an enriching hobby.  Just because
you live in the city does not mean that you cannot have
a beautiful and productive garden.

Benefits of growing up greens in your home


1.Screen Unwanted Views


Vertical Garden can provide privacy around your swimming pool, workshop, deck or patio.
Screen plants can also be used to hide things like unattractive garden structures, heat/air units.


2.Grow More Plants


 A vertical garden lets you grow more in a smaller space by using planters. Most plants can be grown
where it receives its proper light, water and nutrient requirements.
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3.Improve Air Quality



Research has revealed that plants filter toxins from the air.
Good to know: http://greatist.com/connect/houseplants-that-clean-air



4.Enhance Visual Appeal

A vertical wall garden is an easy way to improve the beauty of your home.


5.Plants Make You Feel Better


By having some green plants indoor, we can bring the serenity of nature
into your home. You can block out the distractions of the modern world and
enjoy the soothing effects of nature to help minimize stress or tension.

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