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Feeding Garden Plants Organically

Whatever is put on a lawn or garden, like fertilize or weed control, will ultimately seep into the soil and back into our water supply. Children and pets also come into contact with the lawn and garden plants, and whatever is on them will get onto and into our kids and pets. for the sake of our children, pets and environment, it’s best to use organic foods for lawn and garden.

Plus, organic foods add to the soil structure and are typically much cheaper than a commercial counterpart. Here are a few suggested products for feeding garden plants organically.

1. Cow Manure
Well rotted cow manure can be worked into the garden soil prior to planting, used as a side dressing for garden plants and even as a mulch. Well rotted cow manure can be broadcast on an existing lawn or raked into the soil prior to sowing grass seed or laying sod.

2. Organic Compost

Compost feeds the soil so it in turn can feed the plants and grass. Use it to amend soil before planting seeds or plants, use as a mulch and as mid-season plant food by applying it as a side dressing for plant. Make a batch of nutrient-rich, organic compost tea by adding a garden trowel full of compost to a five gallon bucket of water. Place bucket in a sunny location for a few days so ‘tea’ can steep. Use to water plants.

3. 532 Organic Fertilizer, $4.50, BFG Furniture Shop

This product is made completely from plant material. Composed of seed meal; soybean, rapeseed, peanut, sesame and copra, along with rice bran.

Work into soil prior to planting seeds or plants, and uses as a side dressing during the growing season.

4. TN 50x Flowering Fertilizer,$7.00, BFG Furniture Shop


Mix one-half cap of product into 500ml of water and spray on plants to encourage more flowering. Nano-sized organic fertilizer is good for use on fruiting and flowering plants. It’s safe for fish, so it’s good for use in a hydroponic or aquaponic garden.

5. TN 20x Foliage Fertilizer, $7.00, BFG Furniture Shop

Another organic fertilizer that promotes plant growth and is safe for fish. This product is mixed with water and sprayed on plants to encourage more flowering and fruiting.

6. Organic Plant Acid, $7.00, BFG Furniture Shop

Organic Plant Acid 500ml

Even organically grown plants have occasional pest problems that must be dealt with. Use this organic plant acid to repel pests and prevent disease. This product works as a fungicide, insecticide and serves a natural preservative.


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