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The colours and immense diversity of butterflies add beauty and life to our garden. Attracting butterflies involves incorporating specific plants that serve the needs of the butterfly and are easy to care for..


1. Do not use pesticides

Pesticides contain chemicals that are lethal to butterflies and many pollinating insects. These chemicals leak into water and can be absorbed by flowers which provide nectar for butterflies and food for their caterpillars.


2. Provide a variety of plants

Plant different plants throughout the season to attract a wider variety of species. Butterflies need nectar during their adult phase and will visit any garden with suitable nectar plants.


3. Plant the right flower colours

Butterflies like bright colours. The best colours to attract adult butterflies are orange, red, yellow, pink and purple.


4. Provide a place for butterflies to bask

Butterflies are cold blooded creatures. They like warmth and typically only feed in full sun . Place flat pebbles in your garden for butterflies to bask in the sun.


5. Give them a place for puddling

When the weather gets too hot, butterflies may head for cool area like puddles to sip the mineral-rich water.

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