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Have you just bought grey furniture? While some people see these pieces as boring, there are a number of ways you can actually style your grey furniture. It is possible to play around with colours to give your living area a harmonious look. In fact, a grey sofa gives you leeway, when it comes to the number of décor combinations you can use. It can combine with different colours to give you picture perfect results.

The following are some of the possible styling options for your grey furniture:


The first items that should go into decorating your grey furniture are the pillows. Go for an odd number, like three or five if you want a modern look.  For added visual interest, try a combination of solid and geometric prints to add a splash of colour to your sofa. You may want to buy a variety of colours so that you can be able to make changed whenever necessary. When decorating your outdoor furniture in Singapore, it is important that you select colours that will contrast with the grey furniture fabric.

Cozy Rug

Whether you are decorating the interior or exterior of your home, do not underestimate the power of a comfy area rug. If you have an grey sofa,  you may want to consider a minimalist rug in soft, neutral tones like cream or beige. This opens ups countless possibilities in further accessorising. 


Styling a grey furniture is all about creating contrast. Choose a wooden coffee table or wooden built-ins, decorate them with flowers in a vase to ensure they are a focal point. Wood elements and grey furniture definitely contribute to the sense of rich texture that makes the room special. 


Baskets are not just for decoration, but they help hold some of the items that would only make the outdoor patio set to look haphazard. You can have them replace the end tables. The items that can be kept in the baskets include the pillows and throws. The detail they add to your space only goes towards making it more attractive.


You can decorate almost any space in your home using art. The artwork you use should of necessity go in line with the look of the rest of the accessories you used in the home. That is important even when decorating grey outdoor furniture in Singapore.


Vertical design elements such as plants help when it comes to creating contrast with the horizontal nature of the furniture. You may want to use tall plants on the sides of the sofas. There is no better way to give your patio a green treat.

Having grey furniture doesn’t mean you are boring. Rather, it is a way of making room for the inclusion of all types of decoration ideas. Buy some pieces today.

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