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Are you expecting a guest in your home over the weekend? Most likely you will have to prepare your home to make it more home more comfortable for your guest. The following are some items you may need to actualize that:

  1. Sparkling Clean Linen

If could take a long time before your guest room is used leaving dust to accumulate all over the bed, blankets, and linens. Before your guest arrives, replace the old linen with sparkling clean ones. Spray your bed with a good smelling fragrance. Your guest will definitely be impressed.

  1. Bedside Chair

The guest room shouldn’t just be for sleeping. There is a need for a chair in which your guest can sit to have a change of shoes. Also, he or she may keep her luggage on the chair, just in case you do not have a luggage rack. You may want to try this steel chair from bfgfurniture.com.

  1. A Nightstand

You don’t want your guest to resort to placing their phone, watch, and other personal items on the floor as they go to bed. That’s why it is necessary to provide a bedside table with drawers. The guest will find a place to store many of their personal items. If you can’t pull that off, something as basic as a stool or box will be perfect.

  1. An Alarm Clock and Reading Lamp

Of course, your home isn’t a hotel. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot make your guest feel like he or she is in a hotel. Simple items like an alarm clock and reading lamp could go a long way. You never can tell if the guest would need to do some reading.

  1. A Tray

Your guest needs somewhere to place his or her smaller belongings such as mobile phones, flash drives, and pens. A tray will probably hold such items better than a flat surface like a table. To give your guest a quick bite in the middle of the night, fill the tray with some snacks.

  1. Toiletries and Towels

It doesn’t matter if your guest comes with his or her own toiletries. You will look more courteous if you are able to provide basics such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, a new toothbrush, and fresh towels. You never know which of these items your guest might have forgotten.

  1. A Bottle of Water or Carafe

Your guest may not have the courage to ask for a glass of water. To take care of such needs and remove the discomfort out of a normal physiological need, place a bottle of drinking water in the room. Also, provide a clean drinking glass for your guest’s convenience.

  1. Books and Magazines

It is possible that your guest will remain at home while you go to work. Don’t expose him or her to boredom. A pair of books and magazines will go a long way in providing the necessary entertainment until you return. Also, a couple of DVDs will be great.

It is not about being a perfect host but about making your guest feel at home. So provide what you can.

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