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Patio furniture can be damaged by the effects of dirt, stains, water, and heat from the sun. Given that your patio is outdoors, how do you ensure the furniture is protected from the sun? One of the ways of preventing the exposure of your furniture to the sun is by using fabric umbrellas. However, these may not cover your furniture all the time.

Here is how to protect patio furniture from damage by the sun:

Keep It in the House

In Singapore, it is summer all year round and, therefore patio furniture will be constantly exposed to the damage caused by UV rays. Thus you should think of storing the furniture in the house when they are not in use. That will greatly increase their lifespan. Before storing the furniture, ensure you clean it well. Cover with a cloth to protect it from the accumulation of dirt.

Get an Umbrella

The sun is so strong that it can damage just about any fabric that’s exposed to it for prolonged periods of time. However, some fabric umbrellas are made to withstand the effects of UV rays while keeping you cool and your furniture protected.

It doesn’t have to be anything as complicated as a canopy. If all you have is a table and a set of chairs, a simple umbrella will suffice.

Use a Patio Cover

An umbrella may not very befitting for a large patio. Make sure you give your setup a good assessment to determine if you need a patio cover. Designed the same way as a carport cover, it is usually a makeshift patio roof cover.

The best patio covers that will protect your furniture from damage from the sun are usually sun-resistant. BFG Furniture waterproof canvas cover will protect your outdoor furniture from rain, sun and dirt.

Make Furniture Using Special Fabrics

Did you know that some furniture fabrics are resistant to the sun? That is why you should buy furniture with special UV-resistant fabrics. However, you need to thoroughly inspect them twice or more a year to prevent accidents.

UV-resistant fabric is all you need to give your furniture a life as long as 5 years before you must replace them.

UV Protection Sprays

Think about the protection you give your skin using sunscreen. It is possible to protect your furniture’s fabric using a dedicated UV protection spray. Find out from the patio furniture seller if they can recommend any particular spray. Get advice on how often and frequently to apply and reapply the spray.

Inspection for Wear and Tear

When exposed to the sun for long, wood, plastic, and wicker will start weakening. To prevent accidents, make sure you give your furniture a biennial inspection. On solid furniture pieces, the sun is most likely to damage the stain protection. Splash water on the wood and wait for 15 minutes. If the water is soaked, then you should add extra stain protection.

Protecting your furniture from damage by the sun is simple and easy. With these simple tips, your furniture should remain in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

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